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Exchange Programmes (minors)

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    Study abroad at Windesheim

    Each year, we welcome students from our partner universities all around the world to study at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. Join us for one semester or a year as part of one of our accredited exchange programmes. It is a great way to enhance your university experience and broaden your international outlook!

    We offer Erasmus minors in autumn (September - January) and spring (February - June). All programmes are full-time and there is no distance learning option.

    Do you prefer to have all programmes in one PDF? You can download it here.

    Exchange programmes


    Doing Business in Europe (spring)
    Doing Business in the World (autumn)
    International Business Studies (full year)
    International Relations (autumn and spring)
    Managing Projects in a Globalized World (autumn and spring)
    People, Planet and Profit (autumn and spring)
    Social Community Design (autumn and spring)


    Primary and Secondary Education (autumn and spring)

    Health and Social Work

    Children and Media (autumn and spring)
    Nursing (autumn and spring)
    Social Community Design (autumn and spring)

    Journalism and Communication

    Media Innovation (spring)


    All-round Designer (autumn and spring)
    Applied Mechanics (autumn)
    Circular Housing (autumn)
    Future Cities (autumn)
    Operational Management in Industry (autumn and spring)
    Process Optimization (autumn and spring)
    Social Community Design (autumn and spring)
    Supply Chain Engineering (autumn and spring)
    Sustainable Structures (autumn)
    Water Management (autumn)


    Concept and Creation (autumn and spring)
    Data-driven Innovation (autumn and spring)
    Future Technology (autumn and spring)
    Game Studio (autumn and spring)
    Games Programming (spring)
    Mobile Solutions (autumn and spring)
    Social Community Design (autumn and spring)
    Security Engineering (autumn and spring)
    Web and Analytics (autumn and spring)

    Elective modules

    Want to go the extra mile?

    Complete your exchange semester or year by taking one or more electives. The module Introduction to Windesheim is compulsory for all international students, but you are free to choose from the other options. You will receive ECTS credits when you complete a module successfully. 

    Introduction to Windesheim
    Intercultural Awareness
    Drama and Improvisation
    Dutch Language
    Dutch Society

    Partner universities

    Partner universities

    We have study agreements with a diverse range of higher education institutions across the world. EU students might receive funding from the European Union as part of the Erasmus+ programme to support their exchange.

    View our partner universities



    Windesheim University of Applied Sciences has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) which enables participation in the Erasmus+ programme.

    Read more about Erasmus+ 

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