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    Paying for your education

    Studying at a Dutch university means you need to pay an annual fee for your tuition. There are two types of tuition fees: statutory fees (for EU/EAA nationals) and institutional fees. How much you pay will depend on your situation.

    Fees and other costs

    How to pay

    Direct debit payment

    If you have a bank account (IBAN) in a SEPA country(opens in new tab), the payment of your tuition fees can be arranged through Studielink(opens in new tab). In Studielink you set up a direct debit payment to allow Windesheim to deduct the fees directly from your account. You can either pay the fees all at once or in 8 instalments.

    Pay by bank transfer

    If you are not from a SEPA country(opens in new tab), you need to pay by bank transfer in one go. You should include your first name, surname and student number in the reference information. When arranging a bank transfer, you need to make sure there is enough time for the payment to reach Windesheim before 31 August. Check with your bank how long the payment should take.