As well as providing study opportunities, Windesheim is an important research centre. 

We have several thriving research institutes focusing on a variety of themes. We specialize in applied research that supports business, the caring professions and the wider community.


More information

To find out more, contact Windesheim’s Information Centre. The Information Centre will get you in touch with the right people at our university.

Expertise and experience

We have a wealth of experience with applied research, and expertise in a wide range of fields. Drawing on a deep pool of professors, knowledge circle members, lecturers, postgraduates and undergraduates, we are able to advise you on the best way of using science to find the answers you need.

Partners in developing knowledge

Windesheim’s research teams work closely with sponsors on project design and implementation. We regard every research sponsor as a partner in the development and dissemination of knowledge. And we are always pleased to collaborate and share knowledge with other organizations and institutes.

Problem resolution through practical research

If you have a problem or want to know more about a topic within one of our research fields, we are here to help. We will look carefully at the issue in question to ascertain whether it ties in with the expertise and focus of one of our themes. And whether it can be clarified, charted or resolved by practical research. We may be able to point you towards existing knowledge or earlier studies that could be useful to you. Or we may suggest how practical research could contribute to the development of knowledge that furthers your organization’s goals.


"Family Business Cherish Your Identity and Use It in Your Communication"

Master’s degree student Katharina Hubmann and Bachelor’s degree student Paulina Grillo have won the Ten Clarenwater Thesis Award.