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What is our research about?

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    Practice-based research

    Practice-based research at universities of applied sciences is research at the core of society. The question underlying all this research comes from the daily practice of organizations and professionals. And this research is carried out together with partners from the field. Results find their way into professional practice and to future professionals via the study programmes. Read more in our brochure.

    Our international research

    The researchers at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences use their expertise and all kinds of knowledge products to support the professional field in addressing all kinds of issues. They conduct practice-based multidisciplinary research and are organized together with partners. Check all research topics via the four research windows above, or in our brochure which gives a brief overview of all our professorships.

    With knowledge and insights from research, the Dutch Expertise Centre in Family Business aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial power in family businesses.

    An important aspect of the research carried out by the professorship is finding a good balance between business and family interests. Through direct contact and long-term relationships with family businesses in various sectors, they know exactly what is going on now and what will become an issue in the long term. 

    Research and education in the field of rubber and polymer processing has been given less priority in the Netherlands. The primary aim of the research within the Professorship for Polymer Engineering is to promote higher education in polymers with practical results for industry.

    Professor Margie Topp and her team focus on the sustainable use of raw materials and sustainable production processes. Recycling, environmental impact and energy savings are important areas of research. With its focus on Industrial Additive Manufacturing and Smart Industry 4.0, the professorship contributes to keeping the regional manufacturing industry competitive. 

    How do you organize education in such a way that all learners learn optimally? Professor Sui Lin Goei and her team examine the question of how to make learning inclusive.

    Inclusive learning environments are environments in which all learners have the opportunity to learn and develop -- with due regard for the various goals of education -- with a positive attitude towards learners' aspirations and respect for differences between learners. The professorship explicitly involves the study programmes and their (future) professionals in its research by allowing students to (co-)participate. The professorship wants to make an important theoretical and practical contribution to study programmes and the professional field.

    How do you spread risks and improve the position of companies in supply chains? Together with his team, Professor Michiel Steeman addresses this issue.

    Supply Chain Finance is the generic term for all forms of financing between companies within the supply chain. The aim is to improve the financial positions of all parties in the chain and to spread financial risks. Research shows that companies can save money by improving their working capital position. As a result, less financing is needed and banks are more willing to grant loans based on a strong working capital ratio. Supply Chain Finance plays a major role in this. 

    The value of practice-based research

    Nearly 700 professors at all universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands account for a substantial volume of practice-based research. And our university of applied sciences is also doing its bit. Our research focuses for example on energy transition, the climate and all kinds of challenges within healthcare, education and the business community. After all, universities of applied sciences are ideally equipped to help tackle these issues by conducting practice-based research. In doing so, we rely on the know-how and expertise of all our professors and researchers.


    Many of our researchers' publications can be found in the HBO Knowledge Bank. On their website you can filter publications by language (Dutch and English). Click on the button below to see our English publications.

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    Would you like to know more about our research, our researchers or projects? All you have to do is call or mail our information centre.

    Research news

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    Tuesday 28 May 2024
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    Ten Clarenwater Thesis Award

    Monday 22 January 2024
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    The winner of the Ten Clarenwater Thesis Award 2022

    Wednesday 13 December 2023
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    European Award for Research Group Living Well with Dementia

    Wednesday 18 October 2023
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    Together on Our Way to a Circular Economy

    Monday 16 October 2023
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    Windesheim and Saxion help municipalities to be circular transition brokers

    Wednesday 20 September 2023
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    From automation to digitization: new professorship of Digital Business & Society connects and integrates three programme lines

    Wednesday 12 April 2023
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    New professor of Networks in a Circular Economy

    Friday 10 February 2023
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    3 million for dementia research: Windesheim closes gap between theory and practice

    Thursday 10 November 2022
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    Chiel van der Veen appointed professor of Urban Care and Education

    Friday 4 November 2022
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    Enable-dem: learning communities to speed up innovations in dementia care

    Wednesday 22 June 2022
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    Urgency of media education hardly felt by parents of children aged 0-6

    Friday 25 March 2022
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    Opportunities for data and collaboration in SMEs

    Thursday 2 December 2021
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    Getting students to brainstorm about your marketing or sales?

    Thursday 8 July 2021
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    Parents more positive about influence of media on upbringing since corona crisis

    Friday 26 March 2021