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Economic Mindsets

  • Exchange programme
  • Autumn & spring
  • Zwolle
  • 5 Months
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Rethink the design of our economies

Contrary to what many people think, economics cannot be called an exact science. It has its roots in social science and is related to human behaviour, which is still yet far from understood. We can barely predict human behaviour! Or how Kate Raworth, economist at the University of Oxford and Cambridge puts it: ‘Economics, it turns out, is not a matter of discovering laws: it is essentially a question of design’.

This is a creative module in which you do not have to perform microeconomic calculations. You will rather be challenged to think about how economies can serve citizens of the world.

This module is scheduled at the same time as Intercultural Awareness. They can therefore not be taken simultaneously.

Module description

What's Economic Mindsets like?

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