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Mission and Vision

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Our mission

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences focuses on people. This means that Windesheim stands for learning, developing and innovating together by means of practice-based research and education. Together with professionals from businesses and organizations, Windesheim staff and students contribute actively to making the world a better place.

Our vision

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences is the driving force behind an ambitious and inquisitive network of students, staff, alumni and professionals from businesses and organizations. Together we actively respond to developments in society and continuously anticipate labour market opportunities, as well as creating them. We pay attention to each other and to everyone’s needs and potential. We encourage you to keep developing all your life in a way that is right for you. That’s how you can achieve your potential, how we learn together and how we contribute to an inclusive and sustainable society.

Institutional Plan Closer

Our institutional plan sets out the priority issues that Windesheim chooses to address in the next few years. We are experts in the field of education and research, but what do we hope to achieve? What do we want to accomplish for our students, alumni, staff and cooperation partners? A guide for the next few years. Our course towards 2028, with as its guiding principle: ‘Closer’.

Read the Institutional Plan '23-'28 (pdf, 3,26 MB)

Three ambitions combined

In our institutional plan we translate Windesheim’s mission and vision into three ambitions for the next few years.

  • Our ambition ‘Closer to the world: accelerating transitions together’ is how we want to contribute to making the world a better place.
  • Our ambition ‘Closer to each other: well-being and quality based on an open learning culture’ reflects not only our focus on the well-being of students and staff, but also the internal and external solidification of our commitment to inclusion and moreover serves to increase the quality of our education and research.
  • Our ambition ‘Closer to yourself: lifelong development’ means that we encourage our students and staff to take control of their own personal development to enable them to be well-prepared and properly equipped to take their place inside and outside Windesheim. This is based on the principle of developing human potential.

Realizing our ambitions is something we do together. Hence: working together on transitions, maintaining an open learning culture together and where needed learning and developing together. That’s how we can really get ahead.

Our three ambitions should not be viewed in isolation. Closer to the world sets the direction of the other two ambitions. Closer to each other (especially the aspect of well-being) makes it easier to get closer to yourself: if you feel good about yourself, it’s easier to learn, develop and innovate. And closer to yourself means you can do more for each other and for the world.

Three mutually reinforcing ambitions, which we will get to work on. Better yet: are working on, because we have already started.