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    Staying safe and insured in the Netherlands

    Dutch law requires everybody living in the Netherlands to have health insurance. That includes students who are only here for a few months. It is your own responsibility to arrange insurance coverage that is best suited to your personal circumstances. Besides this, we strongly advise you to have a liability insurance.

    Health Insurance

    Dutch law requires all international students to be properly insured by an internationally recognised insurance agency for the duration of your stay. Which type of health insurance you need depends on your personal circumstances.

    There are three possibilities:

    • Foreign nationals who have a part-time job or do an internship in the Netherlands: you have to take out Dutch public health care insurance.
    • EU/EEA and Swiss nationals without a job or internship in the Netherlands: your insurance policy/EHIC in your home country (European Health Insurance Card) covers your stay in the Netherlands
    • Non-EU/EEA nationals without a job or internship in the Netherlands: you have to take out a new or special insurance policy for your stay in the Netherlands: We recommend AON Student Insurance.(opens in new tab)

    Liability Insurance

    You are strongly advised to arrange a liability insurance policy for the duration of your stay. Liability insurance covers injury or damage that you accidentally cause to someone else or their property. If you do not have a policy back home that will cover you in the Netherlands, we advise you to take out an insurance from AON Student Insurance(opens in new tab). Get in touch with the International Office for further advice.

    More information?

    You can find more detailed information on the website of Study in NL(opens in new tab).