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Dutch Society

  • Exchange programme
  • Autumn & spring
  • Zwolle
  • 3 Months

Want to understand the Dutch and their culture?

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and challenging, as you will be faced with new ideas and habits. This experience will help you to value other cultures and to look at your own culture with fresh eyes. The Dutch Society modules have been especially designed for international students who will study at Windesheim for a few months. The aim is very practical: to get an insight into Dutch culture and how the Dutch deal with the challenges of modern-day life, in comparison to your own culture.


What's Dutch Society like?

Dutch Society consists of two different modules (part-time), each with a different focus and assignment. Dutch Society I provides a general perspective on Dutch society. In Dutch Society II you will zoom in on a Dutch cultural issue that you find interesting. The modules can be taken consecutively or separately: Dutch Society I in the first block of the semester, Dutch Society II in the second block of the semester. They can be attended alongside the other electives, such as Dutch Language or Intercultural Awareness. The choice is yours!

Practical information

Practical information

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Contact us

Want to know more?

Questions about studying at Windesheim? Contact the International Office via +31 884699777 or email(opens in new tab).                                                                                              

Any questions about the content of this programme? Get in touch with lecturer Anne-Mieke Pol by email(opens in new tab).                                                                                                                              

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