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Student Housing

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Finding your new home

Finding a good, affordable room is a challenge in the Netherlands, and also in Zwolle. So make sure you start looking as soon as possible, we reccommend from April onwards if you want to have a room in September. Windesheim does not have on-campus housing, but we do cooperate with national housing agency Stichting Studentenhuisvesting (SSH)(opens in new tab). Exchange students are offered a room, but there are also a number of rooms available for bachelor's students. If you are an exchange student, please click on below option 'I'm an exchange student' for the steps!

Good to know: in the Netherlands, students usually live in student houses across the city. You may have to share the shower, toilet, kitchen and living room with other students. Pets are usually not allowed.

Housing options

Housing options

Take a closer look at your accommodation options in Zwolle.

Finding your own room

Finding your own room

The website Study in NL(opens in new tab) is the starting point for all international students who are considering the Netherlands as a study destination. The organization provides you with information on what to expect when it comes to student housing, rent and contracts.

To get your search started, we've listed some websites below that you can use to find places to stay. Please note: We do not check the reliability and quality of these providers. Beware of scammers who advertise rooms for international students. Check this Study in the Netherlands video(opens in new tab)(opens in new tab)(opens in new tab) for more tips.