Organization and Governance

With well over 25.000 full-time and part-time students and more than 2.000 staff, Windesheim is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands.

With a view to maintaining and continuing to improve the high quality of education and interaction with the business and academic communities, Windesheim has a dedicated governance structure.

Organization and governance

Organization Chart

Our three aims – education, research and entrepreneurship – are reflected in the way the university is organized. We have four divisions, each made up of related study programmes and research centres. As well as the campus in Zwolle, there is a campus in Almere offering education, research and entrepreneurship. The university also has two services departments to support its primary processes. Our divisional structure is illustrated in the organization chart.

Windesheim Honours College

The Business, Media and Law Division includes our English taught bachelor's progammes, and Windesheim Honours College  which offers programmes for our talented students.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is Windesheim's governing body. Each member has specific fields of responsibility. 

Henk Hagoort, President

Henk Hagoort (1965) has chaired Windesheim’s Executive Board since 1 September 2016. On behalf of the EB he manages the portfolios of education, marketing and communication, policy & quality, internationalization and participation. Henk is also portfolio manager for the divisions of "Movement and Education", "Health Care and Social Work" and "Windesheim Flevoland". 

Inge Grimm

I.T.J. (Inge) Grimm (1969) joined the Executive Board on 16 August 2017. She is responsible for the following focus areas: research, operations, accommodation, human resources, ICT, finance & control and student affairs. Moreover, Inge manages the portfolios of the divisions of “Business, Media and Law” and “Engineering and ICT”.


Beneath the Executive Board, Windesheim has a number of directors, who head up the service departments, divisions and Windesheim Flevoland. The various divisions and service departments and Windesheim Flevoland are units with their own management teams and responsibility for their own results.

Henk Hagoort (chairman of the Executive Board) tells about Windesheim: