Digital Transformation

(Autumn and spring)

The field of an IT professional is subject to major changes. IT trends are changing rapidly.

Technological developments are going on. Do you have the ambition to become a business IT & management professional? Do you like to learn while realizing actual solutions for a company? Then the exchange programme Digital Transformation will be interesting for you!

Business Assignment project

About the programme

Digital Transformation focuses on aligning Business and IT. You will do a project for a company or organization and so the programme will be executed mainly at the company’s site. The project is IT related, a few examples are focusing on collecting and analyzing data about customers, trends and processes in a business,  information security, IT architecture or application management. In general the project will be IT related, which means that both a certain amount of IT knowledge and knowledge about business is also required to participate in this programme. 

Among other things, you obtain advanced knowledge about project management, creating business solutions and doing research, while working in a project for a customer.

Example: What to do with data and applications?

The amount of internal data about a company is increasing progressively and so does the need for those data to be converted into information. Also the applications need to interact a lot more, this requires focus on the application landscape, a chart and an advice how to improve the interface between applications and the options for decision making based on the gathered data. 

Credits back home

As an international exchange student at Windesheim, you will get study credits that may count towards the qualification you are studying for back home. So studying at Windesheim doesn’t have to mean extending your overall study time. You will make a ‘learning agreement’ covering your stay. 

Career-focused learning

More and more parties involved, such as customers, shareholders and government organizations, demand relevant, up-to-date and trustworthy information about businesses. Moreover, good management decisions require a proper understanding of the internal factors that influence business accomplishments. This programme makes you (more) aware of what needs to be done to keep a company competitive with respect to their IT. We deal with issues such as: Data Warehousing, Management information systems, Information Security, Applications, IT Architecture, Data mining, etc., depending on the project. 

Entry Requirements

Two years of bachelor studies in a relevant field (basic IT included) and English-language skills at B2 level.

Total ECTS Credits: 30
Level: Bachelor


If you have any questions about the exchange programme Digital Transformation, please contact:

Mr. Wim Rietberg 

Antoine from France tells about his internship during his exchange semester