Research theme

Within the Professorship of Theology and Philosophy, our researchers under the guidance of Dr André Mulder conduct research into the form and substance of philosophical communication in a plural society.

Modern society increasingly lacks a shared, instructive body of learning of the kind that served to guide earlier generations. Numerous organizations are wrestling with the question of how to deal with the major differences in religious and philosophical understanding and perception within their target groups.


Recalibrating theology and philosophy

Many schools and institutions are redefining their original philosophical identities in the words and values of our post-modern era, in which tradition has lost its authority. The development of inclusive educational material about the philosophical guidance of young people and the creation of value-based educational settings are topical themes. Care institutions, churches and enterprises are also asking how they can give expression to their philosophical identities in a comprehensible modern way. People's actual day-to-day experiences provide a useful point of entry for the consideration of such issues.

Philosophical plurality

The core themes normative professionalism, philosophical communication and hermeneutical competency are central to our research, which is underpinned by an assumption of plurality of outlook and perception in everyday life. The ongoing professionalization of university lecturers is one of the objectives.