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Dr. Sui Lin Goei

  • Professor
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Dr. Sui Lin Goei is a professor at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and heads the academic group of Teachers and Teacher Educators in Inclusive Learning Environments since 2018. She also holds a position at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) at the Teacher Academy and LEARN! Learning Sciences. She is one of the founders of Lesson Study in the Netherlands and introduced School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) in the Netherlands and in other European countries.
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Research focus

In her research, Sui Lin Goei focuses on how to design educational learning environments in the most inclusive way possible. How does one support children with a variety of support and educational needs, both in mainstream and special education? And how can teachers (and schools) use adaptive teaching and differentiated instruction to reach all pupils in whole-classroom-based teaching? Goei studies, for example, how teachers can be professionalized in this via the Lesson Study approach, in which small collaborative teams of teachers design lessons and interventions based on a jointly experienced problem. She has a keen interest in comparative research, which is reflected in several of her European and transatlantic projects.


Sui Lin Goei studied Pedagogy and Educational Sciences at Leiden University and graduated in Educational Psychology and Remedial Pedagogy, specializing in learning and behavioural disabilities problems. Subsequently, she took up a position as a PhD-student at the Dutch Research Council and as such was employed by the University of Twente. Here she obtained her PhD in 1994 for her thesis Mental Models and Problem Solving. She is also a trained and registered health care psychologist and has worked years in schools and at a clinical practice

Research experience

Led by Sui Lin Goei, three major research projects on dealing with behavioural problems were launched in 2010 from a previous professorship (Educational Care and Collaboration within the Chain, 2009 - 2013), together with the VU and partner schools. Sui Lin Goei also coordinated numerous projects on School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS), amongst other national projects and Erasmus+ international project funded by the European Commission Furthermore, she combines the framework of Lesson Study by designing behavioural interventions for schools implementing SWPBS within small collaborative teacher teams. She is especially interested in teachers' professional dialogue within these teacher teams as an example of their professional growth. She has supervised and still supervises several PhD students on educational needs, as well as being involved in collaboration between education and youth care, conducting math interviews and the professionalization approach Lesson Study.

Her research also focuses on the interface between emerging technologies and how to deploy these for tackling behavioural problems. She held visiting professorships at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Texas A&M University in the USA and lastly Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in Bandung, Indonesia.