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Supply Chain Finance

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What is Supply Chain Finance?

Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is the collective name for all forms of financing between companies within the supply chain. The aim is to improve the financial positions of all parties in the chain and to distribute financial risks. Research shows that businesses can save money by improving their working capital position. As a result, less financing is needed, and banks are more likely to grant loans on the basis of a strong working capital ratio. Supply Chain Finance plays a major role in this. The main question the professorship focuses on is whether companies can improve their position with the help of supply chain finance. Professor Michiel Steeman examines the possibilities of various Supply Chain Finance models.

Our research programmes

Multidisciplinary, accessible, and preferably together with stakeholders in the region. Our mission is to bring practice-based research closer to all our partners and stakeholders - whether they are students, businesses or professionals. From research and innovation to solving (social) issues: we have extensive experience with formulating, setting up and carrying out practice-based research, as well as a wealth of in-house SCF knowledge. Within the Professorship, we rely on the expertise of professors, PhD students, lecturers and students, together forming one community and corporate partner for the development and circulation of knowledge at regional, national and international levels. Would you like to know more about any of our projects? We would be happy to tell you more and share our knowledge with you.

Our work in action

The Supply Chain Finance professorship acts in an advisory capacity to various companies in the field of supply chain finance. How can your company proactively respond to all the logistical and financial challenges you face? The research group, assisted by students, can guide you in the proper organization of your supply chain. As an example in this video, Michiel Steeman (professor and research fellow in Supply Chain Finance at Windesheim) visits Scania, where he has an appointment with manager engineer Jan Boersma.

Our professors and researchers

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Michiel Steeman, professor

The aim of Supply Chain Finance professor Michiel Steeman and his team is to do as much research as possible in collaboration with all companies, banks and logistics service providers.

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Ronald de Boer, associate professor

Associate lecturer Ronald de Boer has a special interest in research into bridging physical and financial supply chains, as well as circular supply chains.

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Luca Gelsomino, researcher

Luca Gelsomino is affiliated with the Supply Chain Finance chair as senior researcher. He is also academic director of the Supply Chain Finance Community.

Want to know more?

Would you like to work with us on a research project? Get in touch with Michiel Steenman to discuss the possibilities.088 - 469 79 85(opens in new tab) in new tab)