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Teachers and Teacher Educators in Inclusive Learning Environments

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Want to know how we organize inclusive learning environments better?

We focus on designing/developing educational environments that offer sound education to all pupils and students irrespective their background, gender, religion or additional needs. Inspiring education designed and delivered through conscious, collaborative teaching and research activities. Education that focuses on working towards more inclusive learning environments. Environments in which all learners have the opportunity to learn and develop - reflecting all educational objectives (qualification, socialization and subjectification), with a positive attitude towards learner ambitions and respect for learner differences.

Our research projects

Together with colleagues, co-researchers, other professionals and students we conduct accessible multidisciplinary research. From research and innovation to solving (social) issues: we have extensive experience in formulating, setting up and carrying out practice-based research. In doing so, we rely on the know-how of professors, PhD students, lecturers and students, thus forming one community and (also your) partners for knowledge development and knowledge circulation - both in the local area and at a national and international level.

Our professors and researchers

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Dr. Sui Lin Goei

As a professor, Dr Sui Lin Goei conducts research on the design of inclusive learning environments. She also works as a university lecturer at the VU and at LEARN! Learning Sciences.

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Martijn Willemse

Dr. Martijn Willemse is associate professor at the research group Teachers and Teacher Educators in Inclusive Learning Environments.

Want to know more?

Would you like to work with us on a research project? Get in touch with Sui Lin Goei to discuss the possibilities.

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