Social Innovation

What’s the most effective way to use the diversity in competences that employees possess? And how can you achieve smart collaboration between people with different competences?

In conjunction with companies and institutions in the Zwolle area, Windesheim is developing methods of optimum staff utilization in individual organizations as well as in cooperatives. Not only does this increase labour productivity, it also reinforces organizations’ innovation power.

Social Innovation and Diversity

New working methods

The increasing shortage in the Dutch labour market and increasing demands made by consumers lead to equally increasing demands being made on employees. On the other hand, there are fewer opportunities to recruit precisely those employees that meet these requirements. This means that organizations need to make more efficient use of the available workforce. Getting staff to work together in groups of mixed compositions, assigning them to tasks that require their specific competences, makes work more challenging and more fun and makes the organization a more attractive employer. But how can organizations create these conditions? To answer this question, Windesheim is conducting research on new working methods, also called Social Innovations.

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