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Centre of Expertise in Family Business

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    Strengthening family businesses

    Dutch Centre of Expertise in Family Business conducts practice-oriented research into family businesses and hand these insights back to them. This way, we empower family businesses so they can become stronger entrepreneurs. At least 68% of companies in the Netherlands are family businesses. This makes them incredibly important in contributing to a healthy economy. Moreover, family businesses are different. Because, besides business interests, there are also family interests. Our research focuses on that special relationship. Our knowledge helps entrepreneurs find the right balance.

    Our research projects

    Multidisciplinary, approachable and preferably together with the region. Our mission is to bring practice-oriented research closer to all our partners and stakeholders - be they students, companies or professionals. From research and innovation to solving (social) issues: we have extensive experience in formulating, setting up and conducting practice-oriented research and a wealth of in-house knowledge. We rely on the know-how of professors, PhD students, lecturers and students, thus forming one community and (also your) partner for knowledge development and knowledge circulation - both in the region and on a national and international level. Would you like to know more about a project? We would be happy to tell you more about it and share our knowledge with you.

    Our professors and researchers

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    Judith van Helvert-Beugels

    Judith van Helvert-Beugels is professor in Family Businesses at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences since June 2021.

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    Erik Veldhuizen

    Erik Veldhuizen is associate professor in Family Businesses at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. He also teaches business economics.

    Looking for a speaker for a workshop, guest lesson or other meeting? We provide lectures, presentations, workshops and guest lectures. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities and costs. Or we can explore what our researchers can do for you.

    Please mail(opens in new tab) or call us at +31 884698426.