Civil and Constructive Journalism

The Media Research Centre contributes to the quality of democratic society and to public involvement in this society

Two professorships are conducting practical research to investigate the role of journalism in 21st-century society and look for ways to fulfil this role optimally.


Valuable and Principled Journalism

Within the research centre, journalism is regarded as a way to serve the public. Journalists give their public insight into political, economic and socio-cultural conditions and developments. This allows citizens to make better choices in personal and social matters. They encourage institutions and individuals to be socially accountable. In this way, they strengthen democratic culture, but journalism also has significance in everyday life. For instance, solution-oriented framing of the news, a future-oriented perspective and a greater public focus are qualities that contribute to promoting involvement, commitment and overall well-being in society.

More information

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Focus points

The Media Research Centre investigates these subjects in two different research topics:

• Media & Civil Society
• Constructive Journalism

Relevant, practicable knowledge

The Media Research Centre contributes to knowledge development that is relevant and adds value to media organizations, professional journalists, journalism study programmes and the research community at large, and is in fact used by these target groups in actual practice. This is done in interdisciplinary, project-based collaboration between researchers, lecturers, students and journalists in the field. This research focuses on the citizen and concentrates primarily on types of journalism that seek to involve people actively in detecting and defining issues and subsequently inviting them to join the process of devising potential solutions. This involves a study of the various aspects of public information provision (public, product, process, platform, profession) and how they are mutually interactive.