Strategic Entrepreneurship

Organizational, Process and Social Innovations

The Research Centre for Strategic Entrepreneurship promotes flexible and sustainable entrepreneurship in organizations. They do so by conducting practical research on issues relating to organizational, process and social innovations. From spotting opportunities to cashing in on them: What works in entrepreneurship and why?

An organization that is not enterprising is bound to fail. Customers demand more and more customization, making their questions ever more complex. Product life cycles are getting shorter all the time. Disruptive innovations and digitization lead to new business and earnings models. Companies are less and less bound to one specific country. Issues relating to sustainability in environment, society and governance determine the agenda of a growing number of organizations (internationally). This requires new insights into and knowledge of innovation and innovative entrepreneurship, a vision on human capital, and collaboration in the supply chain.


Research Centre for Strategic Entrepreneurship

For continued success in this playing field, an organization needs to be enterprising. And what makes one organization more enterprising than another? Is it in the genes or in the conditions you create? In any case, it is not just about spotting opportunities, but also about bringing together the right people and resources to use those opportunities, as well as about a structure to facilitate all this. It is essential to align the talents, knowledge and skills of the people in the team. To look across the boundaries of their own organization at innovative interactions with suppliers and customers. And actual continuity takes into account the interests of future generations (corporate sustainability).

From this perspective, the Research Centre for Strategic Entrepreneurship conducts research in the areas as described below.


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Practically Applicable Knowledge

The research centre contributes to the development of knowledge that is relevant to businesses, institutions and researchers, and that they actually use. This happens in interdisciplinary and project-based collaboration between researchers, lecturers, students and the professional field.