Drama and improvisation

You can apply for this elective through the Learning Agreement of your chosen study programme

Have you always wanted to be dramatic? The drama module is optional and you will receive two credits when you complete this module successfully. [Geen tekst in dit veld]

Drama and Improvisation

Drama and Improvisation (3 ECTS)

What can you expect from this module? Besides having fun and exploring the field of drama and plays, there are opportunities to work on several competences, for example knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, being able to reflect on your own mannerism in the drama lessons and give feedback to others, being able to express yourself freely in different manners, being able to create short plays and give instructions and tips to others, the use of body language, the use of your voice, control of body movement and designing your own lesson. This module is a perfect way to become aware of yourself and the way you present yourself to others and because of this it is good practice for your presentation skills.



Entry Requirements: none
Assessment: assignment and  
Level: Bachelor
Scheduled: semester 1 / semester 2