First year

The first semester covers a wide range of general business subjects, with an emphasis on the degree programme’s international nature.

The first year focuses on several central themes:

International Business Studies - Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Introduction to the International Organization

You'll be doing the international organization project, as well as studying subjects like Finance & Accounting, International Logistics and HRM and continuing your language studies. 

The challenge of International Business

A real challenge when you decide to study International Business: learning foreign languages, while also developing international business acumen. We will support you by paying a lot of attention to national business cultures. For example: how do you address Germans in a business conversation? Even when learning languages, we focus on the business perspective. How do you negotiate in French and how do you conduct a telephone sales call in English?

Transition standard

You must have obtained at least 54 credits during year 1 to be admitted unconditionally to year 2. If your credit total in year 1 is lower, you have to make arrangements with your student counsellor on how to complete your first-year programme, before being fully admitted to year 2.