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Small classes create personal bond between students and teachers

Cas International Business
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I am Cas, a fourth year student from the Netherlands. When I was looking for the right programme for me, there were many studies that interested me, but what stood out at International Business was the cultural aspect of the studies. Learning how to communicate effectively with other cultures and learning the differences between the western world and other parts of the world was the deciding factor for me.

In addition, going abroad has always been a dream of mine. International Business encourages students to go abroad at least once and there is the possibility to go twice or even three times!


Comforting atmosphere

The programme offers a broad base of knowledge in the four different areas of International Business. Next to that, culture is a very important aspect. The whole International Business community is a very tight-knit group because of the inter-class collaboration. This really sets a comforting atmosphere. Relations with teachers are very personal and one can always ask teachers for advice: this helps to improve (school) work but the teachers are also very open to discussing future plans, such as a master after graduating.

I have done three internships/work placements. One of these three was in Brussels and the other two due to Covid-19 restrictions in the Netherlands. But even when I was abroad or not at school, the teachers and other students checked on one another. This was very motivating.


Personal bond between students and teachers

I like the contact with internationals. This is a wonderful addition to the class and changes the dynamics in a positive way. The way of grading is different than in most other programmes. We don’t have many exams, but the main grading method is through a portfolio. This eliminates the stress of an exam and provides the opportunity to work ahead. The broad scope is also something that I personally like. It prepares students for the international work field; you can work in any sector. The classes are small (max. 20 students), which creates a very personal bond between students and teachers.


You have to take initiative

At the University of Applied Sciences, the way of teaching is the complete opposite of what you have been taught in high school. At Windesheim, you have to take initiative. If you want help or feedback, you have to ask for it. This takes some time getting used to. Also, the workload is much higher than in high school.

At Windesheim I learned to be adaptive and to know where and how to find information. To be adaptive in this modern world is very important: no job will remain the same and in 10 years will the whole work dynamics will have shifted. Also, it is impossible to know everything. We learn where and how to find valuable and credible information to solve the problems we are facing. This helps us very much in our professional career.


Spacious classrooms

Windesheim has a very clean campus because it's a no-smoking zone. The facilities are well distributed over the campus, with multiple cafeterias and coffee/tea shops. There is enough room to work on school projects outside of your class schedule and the classrooms are spacious. Lecturers are well taught and are experts in their field, which is also visible in the way they teach.


Plenty of students in the city

I have not lived in Zwolle myself; however, I have been there countless times. It is a fun city to visit. With enough stores and plenty of cafes and restaurants. With Windesheim, Deltion and Landstede, there are plenty of students in the city. You cannot compare it to Groningen, Utrecht or Amsterdam, but it is still a very attractive city and definitely worth visiting!

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