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This programme is very modern and we study in a practical way

Simona International Business
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I decided to study International Business because I was curious about different cultures. Actually, I was always interested in business. I used to work for my dad's ecological honey business during the summers, so that’s where it all started. 

This programme is very modern, and we have the chance to study in a practical way. Projects are a very important part of the curriculum at Windesheim. One of the projects that I really enjoyed was a project for the governmental agency ‘Invest in Holland’. My group and I researched the plant protein market, and later we narrowed it down to the Canadian market. We researched for more potential clients and created a model on how they could be approached in the future. 

In this programme we have a lot of workshops. It's a very nice and fun way to learn about new subjects, theories, and to get all this great information by working together. 
After I finished my studies, I want to stay in the Netherlands. I would like to work for an international company in a bigger city. I would like to pursue my career in marketing, but I am also open to other career opportunities

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