How to apply

If you want to study at Windesheim, you'll need to submit an application. 

There are different procedures for exchange programmes and for the four-year BBA programmes International Business and Global Project and Change Management.


Applying for an exchange programme

Each exchange programme has its own entry requirements. Details are given on the website page describing the programme.

Practical Checklist: your Pathfinder

Have you decided to study at Windesheim? We advise you to use the practical checklist ‘Pathfinder’ to receive relevant information about visa, insurance, resident permit and grants.

Applying and requirements Global Project and Change Management

Our personal approach begins even before you start your studies. We invite every applicant for a personal interview. You can come and see us or we can talk on Skype. We will guide you through your application and explain our requirements. The requirements for Global Project and Change Management relate to things such as your proficiency in Maths and English. 

Applying and requirements International Business

To be sure that you are able to follow our highly qualified degree programme, you need to meet our entry requirements. We'll also guide you through each step of our admissions procedure for International Business.
Applying and requirements