International Business

(International Business Studies)

Do you fancy an international business career? Are you looking for a University where your personal development is primary focus? Do you want to study in an environment with state-of-the-art teaching methods to gain 21st century skills?  
The English-taught Bachelor programme International Business at our University of Applied Sciences prepares you for a successful start of your international career.

You organize international human resource management, you manage international logistics processes, you have a good knowledge of international business finance and you can prepare an international marketing plan. This programme is NVAO accredited.

International Business Studies - Windesheim University of Applied Sciences


In this BBA programme International Business we educate you in preparation for an effective start of your career at an internationally operating company. We teach you about what goes on in such an organization, how to maintain relationships with business partners in countries like Germany or France and how to communicate in two different languages. How do you negotiate in English, German or French? 

Are you Dutch?

Dutch students are recommmended to also check the Dutch website because some of the information provided here, is not relevant for Dutch students.

Personalized learning

Personalized learning is a key principle of our education. It doesn’t mean, however, that you have to do it all by yourself: there are well-defined requirements and learning objectives to be achieved. Moreover, we provide clear instructions. But your study pace and your pathway towards reaching your goals are for you to decide. Every class has its own coach, who helps you accomplish your goals.

Learning activities

Personalized learning is structured in the following four activities:

1. Office: in a spacious, well-equipped room you work either individually or in groups on the learning objectives or assignments of your projects or subjects. During ‘office’ hours, you get to decide what you want to work on. There are lecturers available to ask for advice or an explanation.

2. Lectures: short instruction classes not longer than 30 minutes providing you with information on independent office work.

3. Practice: a 30-minute mini-workshop to train practical skills, e.g. foreign-language or presentation skills.

4. Workshops: duration 2 hours; focusing on personal and professional skills.

Where to study International Business? Christian tells  why Zwolle is so unique.

Career Prospects 

International organizations are key to your future job, whether with a Dutch multinational or an international company abroad. But if you’d rather continue your studies first, that’s also an excellent option.

Extensive Practical Experience

Our BA programme International Business will bring you a great deal of practical experience. Right from the start in year one you will be carrying out a lot of projects for international companies, and your second year includes an internship at an international company abroad. In the fourth year you will do a research project to analyse a practical situation. 

Jana from Germany shows the X-building