Student stories

On this page you can read stories of students of the BBA programme of Global Project and Change Management. Their stories tell you how they work and study together with students and companies all over the world.


Student stories

I am David, 4th year student from Germany. I came to Windesheim believing that the world needs a fundamental change. Our way of living and doing business does not only destroy our livelihoods but harms people every day. Therefore I looked for a study that doesn’t ignore this reality but has instead a focus on solving the underlying problems.

At Windesheim Honours College I found like-minded people that share the same vision of a better world and a lot of them became friends over the time. The focus on personal development and the freedom to do your own projects was very valuable for me. After almost 4 years I have learned so much about both changing the world and myself. Therefore I am very grateful. Now I look forward to make use of these skills even more in the future. Be it politics, an NGO or a sustainable enterprise - I am sure there is a place in this world where I can contribute my part. 

Inside look at student life at Windesheim Honours College