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Explore the diverse staff of GPCM, all focused on empowering students in their transformative learning journey to become the change agents they aspire to be. A nice to know fact is that within the team there are members of 12 different nationalities, which underlines the international character of the programme. And also their background both in education and former work experience covers a wide area. For example, background in finance, consultancy, coaching and project management. Apart from the core staff members the team is supported by several (international) freelance team members who add further knowledge in different fields of expertise.


Agnes, originally from the Philippines, joined WHC in 2016 as a lecturer in project management and research. She has held management, research, evaluation, and advisory roles in civil society, academia and government in various countries for over 20 years. A Ph.D. candidate at Radboud University, she has published widely on child protection, migration, disaster, conflict and human rights issues. In her research and development work, Agnes has pushed for the conceptual autonomy of children and childhood in which children are regarded as active agents in their own lives in the context of interdependence and reciprocity. A key competency is managing and coordinating multi-stakeholder projects and partnerships, connecting with local communities, organizations and activists who are leading the paths for positive change. Agnes has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from University of the Philippines and a master’s degree in Development Studies from International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. She has learned a lot from her mentors, from listening to stories of children survivors, and from her interactions with community leaders, young and old, from all walks of life. 

Aryanti, originally from Indonesia, holds a fractional position as lecturer at Global project and Change management (GPCM) part of Windesheim Honours College (WHC), at Windesheim University of Applied Science. Within the GPCM, she is coordinating the BA Internship, and coach students in the Value Creators and Managing Project in Globalized World (MPGW). Aryanti is a Laureate of Dutch Higher Education Award 2021, in her role as part of the core team of the Value Creators. Next to her teaching position, Aryanti owns and directs ResultsinHealth (RiH), and advisory firm active in Public health and International development. Aryanti has a Medical Degree from the Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia, a MPH from the University of Maastricht, and a Masters in Medical Anthropology (MA) from the University of Amsterdam. Her areas of professional focus Health systems strengthening, and capacity building in Public Health and international development. 

Catriona, originally from the United Kingdom, is a Student Counsellor at GPCM starting in 2015. She has since completed a two year diploma in coaching and counselling specializing in health and wellbeing. In addition, Catriona coordinates the counselling programme, is a member of the board of admissions and was a member of the degree programme committee until January, 2023. She has recently been developing the new curriculum with a team of staff and students and cocreating the resiliency labs.

Prior to working at Windesheim, she completed a degree in Sociology and worked for international schools supporting international students in their studies and transition into life abroad.

Deanne Boisvert, joined the GPCM team as a lecturer in 2012. Since then, she has developed and taught courses in global health, non-profit management, research, presenting, and academic and professional writing. Currently, she serves as a coach for Year 3 students doing the Value Creators and Managing Projects in a Globalized World semesters; as well as Year 4 students completing their bachelor-level theses. In addition, she is affiliated with Windesheim’s Social Innovation Research Center.  

Deanne is from the United States where she worked in the government, nonprofit, and higher education sectors. She holds a master’s degree in nonprofit leadership from Seattle University and two undergraduate degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is currently completing a PhD through the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht. Her research focuses on community resilience, networks, and the Anthropocene.  

She has traveled (solo) extensively; and lived in Japan, Israel, and all over the United States. A chance encounter in a cheap hotel in northern Sumatra (years ago) sparked her move to the Netherlands in 2010. 

Gerry (Dutch) has diverse experience in specialized nursing, training of trainers, supervision and personal leadership education in Europe, Asia and Africa. She completed her Masters in Educational & Training Systems Design, is DISC and IRC trainer and moderator for moral deliberation. At GPCM she is involved in the ME journey and as leadership coach. She works in the Health & Social Work Domain as a supervisor, coach, lecturer in the ISD minor and the Casemanagers Dementia course for professionals. Moreover she is self-employed at GEO Supervisie & Begeleiding, Gorredijk. 

Her voluntary jobs are quality expert and diversity trainer for ANSE (European Association for National Organizations of Supervisors and Coaches). As expert at PUM Netherlands she works in Healthcare Settings and Educational Institutes, trains new experts and is diversity and inclusion ambassador. 

“My strong belief is intrinsic (willing) integrative action (what you do is “right” according to your feelings and thoughts) in relation with the professional task (what you must do) and organization (you feel committed). Learning has traditionally an experiential character resulting in sustainable effective behavior. Humor should be part of it because learning is fun. And sometimes not ;-).“

Heather Willson teaches academic writing and speaking skills to international students at GPCM.  She holds an MA degree in International Education from Bath University in the UK.

Joyce, originally from the Netherlands, started as management assistant for GPCM on March 1st 2024. She studied International Business and Languages at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. After graduating in 2006 she has been working in several positions in international commercial organizations. With joining the GPCM team she realizes her wish for a career switch to education.

Maarten, originally from the Netherlands, is an environmental economist who has worked on economics of renewable resources for a number of years before joining Windesheim. At Windesheim Maarten teaches about the interface between economics and the environment and does research on circular economy. 

Elaine, runs the selection procedure for Global Project and Change Management and is coordinator of the Student Support Office. She has been in higher education since 2008 when the study was in the process of being accredited for the first time. She has a diverse and international background and was raised bi-culturally in Hong Kong.  

Jaafar Mahfoud, orginally from Syria, has a background in international economics and business management. He is lecturer in Economics for Sustainable Development and Impact Entrepreneurship at GPCM, Windesheim Honours College. With a strong focus on innovation management and sustainable entrepreneurship, he is passionate about startups that create a real impact in society. He has have lived, studied, and worked in Syria, Russia, and the Netherlands, which has enriched his global perspective. Motivating his students to be proactive problem solvers, he encourages them to work on projects that generate value and solve real-world challenges. As an advocate for entrepreneurship, he believes startups have the power to drive positive change and create sustainable value for communities and the environment as well. Through engaging teaching and rigorous research, he aims to equip future leaders with the skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing economic landscape. Together, we can shape a more inclusive and prosperous world. 

Jacqueline, originally from the Netherlands, started as management assistant for GPCM on April 1st 2020. After several positions in commercial organizations as well as working for a NGO, there was one thing still on her bucketlist: working in an educational environment. Finding the job at Windesheim as MA for the international GPCM programme therefore was a wish come true. 


Linda Dekker, originally from the Netherlands, joined the support office of Global Project and Change Management and the Honours Programmes since January 2023. 

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ (Nelson Mandela) 

For Lineke Stobbe, originally from the Netherlands, education is emancipatory by nature and she is convinced that young people should be given the opportunity to explore their talents and strengths to get the best out of themselves and do good for society.  

She is one of the founders of Windesheim Honours College and she is currently leading the Global Project and Change Management degree programme. Her background is in gender and labour studies and she really enjoys teaching about these topics. In her role as head of the programme she finds it very important to be visible for students both inside and outside the classroom. 

Maike Verhagen grew up in Belgium, has a background (MA) in adult education and social sciences, and spent 12 years in post-war Kosovo working in various capacities with youth and in higher education, until she moved to the Netherlands in 2013. She is a lecturer in Social & Behavioral Change in the Global Project & Change Management study programme at Windesheim Honours College and coordinates the team dedicated to Personal & Professional Development. In this role she collaborates on the Inner Development (IDG) learning pathway and the Resilience Labs, and designs peer coaching and peer learning & assessment processes. Concretely, Maike designs and facilitates learning experiences related to leadership development and change, (peer) coaching, relational intelligence, team dynamics, deep democracy, and self-management in teams and organizations.  

María García Alvarez is originally from Asturias (Spain). She lived in the Netherlands since 1999. She holds a MA on Communication Sciences by the Universidad Complutense (Madrid) and she is a certified Educator for Sustainable Development by the Earth Charter and UNESCO University of Peace. At GPCM, she is a lecturer in topics related to Global Challenges, Geopolitics and Globalisation and she coordinates Value Creators. As PhD candidate, she does research on innovative learning environments for education for sustainable development. She is interested in moving to forms of education that increase inter and transdisciplinary collaborations and universal responsibility. She is an active member of different international networks in the field of sustainable development, education and wellbeing. 

Mauricio Pradena Miquel, originally from Chile, is the coordinator of the International Minor “Managing Projects for Sustainable Development” and Lecturer in Circular Economy and Bio-based Innovations at the Windesheim Honours College. Mauricio completed his PhD degree at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands where he has been a guest researcher as well. At Windesheim University, he combines his passion for teaching and (applied) research, particularly in the development of sustainable solutions, environmental assessments (LCA), and bio-inspired innovations. In effect, at the WHC, he is responsible for research workshops in the Minor MPSD, examiner and counsellor of bachelor thesis, lecturer of the topic “Life-Cycle Assessment”, as well as coordinator of the team “Research & Innovation”.

Natalie, originally from the Netherlands, started as office manager at GPCM but has been working for the last five years as a student counsellor. 

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” 

The above quote of Plutarch is what leads Niels’ work at GPCM. Holding a PhD in Dutch Linguistics, he teaches business skills (writing, presenting) and creativity as a basic skill and attitude to have students rediscover their creative confidence. Next to this, he works in year 2 on Futures literacy, as a leadership coach in the year 3 semester Managing Projects and in year 4 as an internship examiner. Niels is also part of the Act Now! Climate Lab and co-initiator of the Windesheim VerBeeldenaars, a group of colleagues who promote visualisation for lecturers and students in 2D and 3D (see D building 1.40 for examples). 

Introducing Rik Berbé, a dedicated Dutch lecturer and facilitator specialising in project management, change management, design thinking, and systems thinking. With a strong focus on global sustainability challenges. 

As a lecturer, Rik equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become international project and change managers who can make a significant impact in addressing worldwide sustainability issues. Through inspiring and interactive coursework, Rik guides students to think critically and creatively about pressing matters such as climate change, human rights, global health, and the circular economy. 

In addition to emphasising sustainable development, Rik also fosters a spirit of social and sustainable entrepreneurship among their students. By incorporating practical elements such as internships and projects with organisations, Rik ensures that students gain valuable real-world experience and hands-on learning opportunities. 

Rik, is also a passionate adventurer with a passion for nature and exploration. He likes hiking through the mountains and touring on his vintage bike. Rik also indulges in the pleasures of a well-brewed cup of coffee while diving into captivating science fiction stories. Alongside these interests, he eagerly embraces new innovations and developments, always seeking out the latest advancements in various fields. 

“Educate and inspire the future sustainability change makers”. Roelof, originally from the Netherlands, uses his 33 years of business management experience to make education vivid and practical. His approach is to connect across borders and to improve continuously.  

Sander, originally from the Netherlands, is lecturer at Global Project & Change Management. He teaches qualitative research skills and coaches students on project management and leadership skills.

Seyoung, originally from the South Korea, is an educational support officer at the study Global Project and Change Management (GPCM) since November 2023. With a background as a diplomat for the Republic of Korea, she brings four years of valuable experience to her role. Beyond work, she enjoys traveling and appreciates the nature around us.

Vincent, originally from the Netherlands, holds a Master's degree in European Studies. He currently works at GPCM as admission and student affairs officer. He has a background in teaching Dutch and Spanish. In his free time, he channels his creativity through drawing and fuels his passion for football.

Wanda, originally from the Netherlands, is the recruitment & communication officer at the study Global Project and Change Management (GPCM). She is an alumna of the programme and she is very happy to be back in a different role.  

A little bit more about her: After she graduated from GPCM in 2014, she acquired a Masters in Communication at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She started working at OneWorld as partner coordinator of the OneWorld network - a leading Dutch website/magazine on global connectivity and sustainability - and later, she became the marketing and communications officer at Fairfood – an organisation that positively reshapes global supply chains. In February 2022, her journey started (again) at GPCM being the project leader of the Honours Festival, celebrating 12,5 of GPCM. Currently she is mainly involved in, recruitment, communication, marketing, event coordination and alumni activities.  

In her free time she enjoys travelling, hiking, photography, and playing tennis. 

Wouter, originally from the Netherlands, works as a lecturer for project management and sustainable business related learning activities. He joined Windesheim after a career in management, change management and coaching that spans more than two decades. Wouter held executive positions in the Utilities, Retail and Financial Services sectors. He has project, program and change management experience in mergers and acquisitions, demergers, technological innovations and reorganisations. Wouter holds a Masters Degree in International Business from Erasmus University, a Bachelors degree in Business Informatics and a Bachelors Degree in Tourism.