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I see myself continuing in project management

Precious graduated Global Project & Change Management
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Precious completed her studies in Global Project and Change Management at Windesheim in 2020. She is now employed as a Relationship and Licensing Officer at Euronext, a stock exchange based in Amsterdam.

“Finding a job immediately after graduation wasn't straightforward. After completing my master’s degree in Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Groningen, I moved to Ghana. Finding work there was easier due to my international background and my desire to be closer to my roots. I worked with the Ministry of Tourism on various art projects. Upon returning to Zwolle, the job market proved tougher, mainly because I’m not fluent in Dutch. This limited the amount of jobs I could apply to. I eventually secured a position in Amsterdam, a city where there are more opportunities for English speakers.”

“My current role involves selling market data packages to clients, ensuring they have all the financial instruments they need, and managing their contracts. Additionally, I am part of a portal migration project, helping older clients adapt to a new platform.”

From classroom to career

“The teamwork projects at Windesheim, where we often worked in multidisciplinary teams, prepared me well for the collaborative nature of my current job. Writing many project plans also provided me with many free templates once I really needed them for work! Familiarity with platforms like Trello and Asana also gave me a competitive edge during job interviews. Interestingly, I’m the only one in my office without a finance background. Instead, I rely on my project management skills and versatility gained from working in different countries.”

Changing direction

“While the project management skills I acquired at Windesheim have been crucial, my current role doesn't directly align with the sustainability focus of my studies. As I got older, my motivations shifted. While sustainability was a significant part of GPCM and my master’s degree, I find myself more driven by financial stability. My two best friends, who also studied with me, both work in sustainability. They struggle with the trade-off between making a meaningful impact and earning a good salary. They want to be good to the earth, but their pay is lower than they would like. A corporate job offers better financial rewards.”

Reflecting on choices

“If I could start over, I would still do the same course but make a few changes. For instance, I wish I had pursued the PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate. It would have really boosted my employability, as it's highly sought-after in IT, health and finance. Additionally, I would have researched different types of project management and maybe do a different master. And I would have been more strategic about connecting the internship I was doing to what I wanted to do. I chose an easy internship in Zwolle, while a friend picked a perfect fit and got a job offer right away.”

Going back to the Netherlands

“I decided to move back here because of my family. After spending time in Ghana, I wanted to be closer to them. I’m still in touch with people from GPCM too. We have a lasting friendship, and the lecturers hold a special place in my heart. They are really there for us. We still get invited to events, and we can still ask lecturers for advice. You really don’t get that anywhere else.”

Advice for fresh graduates

“Avoid rushing into a master’s degree if you’re unsure about what you want. It’s expensive and takes a lot of time. Instead, explore different jobs and internships, and talk extensively to people to discover what you like. It's important not to put too much pressure on yourself. Even if it means accepting lower-paying roles initially. Building the right experience early on can lead to better opportunities in the future.”

Future aspirations

“I see myself continuing in project management, possibly as a freelancer. This would allow me to work on diverse projects and capitalize on the broad skills I have developed. But for now, I’m focused on gaining as much experience as possible to pave the way for a successful freelance career.”