International Project Management Bureau

Our International Project Management Bureau is the vibrant heart of the College.

At the IPMB, students work on projects for external clients. The International Project Management Bureau (IPMB) is an office run for and by students of the Global Project and Change Management programme. They developed a business and marketing plan for the IPMB and arranged the internal processes and procedures needed for IPMB to operate efficiently and effectively. Students also do the project acquisition and organize cool events for staff, students and the external partners. In other words, the IPMB is bringing the outside world into the College!


Client references

During our last project, I worked with WHC students to put Brainz on the map. The outcome was mostly beneficial, and working with students from WHC was a great experience! The students are dedicated, well-informed and enthusiastic, and embrace a professional and open attitude. This attitude is very contagious, and worked beneficially for us and the project.
- Robert Jansen, Brainz

Working with WHC students was highly inspiring and fruitful, and I see myself participating in future collaborations with WHC again. In the beginning it takes some time to get the max out of working together with the students, but there is enough time for the students to set realistic goals and formulate feasible assignments. It is a great way for students and clients to grow!
- Pieter Temminck, AOC Twello

Contact information IPMB

International Project Management Bureau 

Phone number: +31 88 469 6824
E-mail address:

Coordinator Ria Hoogeveen: "The benefit of having a bureau run for and by students is that clients know what they can expect and students learn and know the value of acquiring and executing a project of high quality".