Intercultural awareness

You can apply for this elective through the Learning Agreement of your chosen study programme

Intercultural Awareness

Intercultural Awareness (3 ECTS)

You will acquire knowledge of cultural theories and develop an appropriate attitude to deal with cultural differences and other cultural aspects independently. If you would like to learn more about other cultures for professional reasons, if you are preparing to study abroad or are an international student currently studying at Windesheim, this module is right for you. 

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Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements: -
Assesment: Written examination, presentation & participation
Level: Advanced

After completing this course you:

•are able to explain the importance of culture and to see culture from different viewpoints;
•are able to reflect on your own attitude towards cultural differences and you can explain how this influences your way of looking at other cultures;
•are able to explain relevant aspects of a culture of another country in the world different from your own culture and country and can relate this to at least five different theoretical concepts studied during the lessons;
•have gained direct experience of working in an intercultural context in the educational setting, you can reflect on this experience and have learnt how to react on cultural differences;
•have learnt about different ways of conflict handling in different cultures.