Sport-related educational Theory

Professorship focusing particularly on a safe sport and exercise climate

The professorship designs, initiates and undertakes research in the field of sport-related educational theory, so that everyone can enjoy sport in a safe setting.

The Professorship of Sport-related educational Theory focuses on research, education and activities that ensure that people can participate in sport safely, under the guidance of competent people. That implies addressing issues such as unsporting behaviour (e.g. violent behaviour on the sports field) and making sports teachers more aware of behavioural problems such as bullying. 

Exercise and sport

Research questions

In pursuit of its objective, the professorship tries to answer the following questions: How can trainers, coaches and physical exercise teachers contribute to a safer exercise climate? How can the benefits of participation in sport be realized and undesirable incidents minimized? What impact do trained neighbourhood sports workers have on children's perceptions of safety?

Through several research projects the professorship will try to formulate proper answers and solutions.

Inaugural address in English 


The professorship is characterized by social innovation, a new form of cooperation. In addition to the initiator NOC*NSF, various partners are involved in the professorship's work: the six Dutch academies for physical education (ALOs), two intermediate vocational training centres and three municipalities. As a result, we are able to draw on a variety of backgrounds, experiences and expectations.