Research and projects


  1. School sport in the Netherlands 16 March 2015

    Research project (ongoing) - This research is intended to determine the effects of school sport in the Netherlands. What conditions must be fulfilled in order to secure the desired effects? Does school sport contribute to the way that pupils identify with their schools? Is it associated with better academic results? To what extent can it add to and enrich the existing range of sports opportunities open to young people?
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  2. The valuable sport community worker 16 March 2015

    Research project (ongoing) - Sport is increasingly used to help resolve social issues. What are the implications of increased government involvement for professionals working in youth sport? What opportunities does government involvement bring? How can professionals respond better to ongoing developments? And what changes are likely to result from this trend in professional (youth) sports practice?
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  3. Digitization of gym lessons 01 January 2013

    Research project (complete) - Can electronic games and ICT resources increase the quality of gym lessons? In this project, the Professorship of Human Movement, School and Sport worked for and with teachers to develop knowledge regarding electronic resources that can enhance gym lessons both for pupils and for teachers. The study was funded by a RAAK grant for the period January 2013 - December 2014.
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