Research and projects

  1. TPACK skills and blogs 15 April 2016

    Research project (ongoing) - Research into how blogs can be usefully and effectively integrated into literary education in teacher training and secondary education. The first results were presented at the SITE 2016 conference in Savannah, Georgia. They confirm that blogs can have a positive impact on students' reading motivation and TPACK skills, but they also highlight the scope for design improvements.
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  2. Design of a spelling intervention for primary education 23 March 2016

    Research project (complete) - The aim of this research project was to design a viable and effective spelling intervention for groups of primary-school-age children who have had Ds or Es for dictation tests. In the first phase of the research, the design was trialled for three months with thirteen primary pupils at two different schools, with different supervisors.
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  3. The educational value of Serious Gaming 16 March 2015

    Research project (ongoing, line 3) - This research project is seeking to establish what Serious Games are effective in education and how educational effectiveness can be measured. The educational effectiveness of Serious Gaming is being investigated by studying five games used in primary, secondary and higher professional education.
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  4. VAST game 15 March 2015

    Research project (complete, line 3) - The VAST game* is a Serious Game for learning English pronunciation, developed by Magma Studios of Singapore in association with US language training firm Carnegie Speech Company. This study considered the potential of the VAST game for primary and secondary education. The project was a cooperation between Windesheim and TNO with funding by Kennisnet.
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