Educational Concept

Windesheim Honours College provides an intensive, small-scale, international learning community for talented and socially engaged students who want to make a difference to the world.

We're looking for talented and motivated students who want to go the extra mile, who are passionate about global issues, enjoy teamwork, have an open mind, are eager to gain new perpectives and have a solution-oriented drive in approaching challenges. It's important that we're right for each other, not only in terms of the programme content, but also in terms of our approach to learning.

Organization and governance

What are our goals
Our programme is taught in a unique educational setting within Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. We are the only Honours College in the Netherlands, offering you the best of both worlds. Traditionally, research universities focus on thinkers and applied-science universities focus on doers. We focus on both: we want you to become a critical thinker at an academic level but we also expect you to apply the knowledge you have gained.

In our programme, we challenge ourselves and our students to be critical thinkers, work hard and put in the extra effort, but we also motivate each other to excel. Our international learning community (comprised of more than 15 different nationalities) is characterized by close involvement between lecturers and students. With lecturers coming from diverse backgrounds and our strong focus on research, we provide an academically challenging environment. Because of this engagement and small-scale community we can offer our students a personalized learning environment.

International rankings show that Project Management is the ‘hot’ profession of the 21st Century. In our four-year Bachelor’s programme we use experiential learning as a means of preparing our students for the challenges facing them when they enter the workforce. Due to the specific structure of our programme, you will be operating mainly within the triangle of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), Business and Government, either working in one of these sectors, or combining them all in a specific project.

You will apply your knowledge straightaway by working in small student groups with real clients such as a municipality, an NGO or a bank. We will challenge you to be creative, critical and independent.

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