Study programmes

As an international student, you can come to Windesheim either on an exchange, or to follow a degree programme.

An exchange involves coming here for a short period of study away from the institute that you attend back home. Following a degree programme means making Windesheim your primary place of study for several years, with the aim of getting a bachelor’s degree from us.

Windesheim university of applied sciences bachelor programmes

BA Programmes

Windesheim offers a unique English-taught Bachelor’s degree programme in Global Project and Change Management (by the Windesheim Honours College) and more than 50 Dutch BA programmes. If you don’t speak (enough) Dutch yet, you can also decide to do a prep year to get yourself up to speed before enrolling in one of these Dutch-taught degree programmes. 

GPCM duo voor ingang

Dutch language course (NT2)

Windesheim offers an intensive course in Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) in level groups. After completing this basic NT2 course, the student can start his/her TaalENT2 Transition Programme for Highly-Educated Non-Dutch students in September. This 1-year Transition Programme prepares them for a regular higher-education programme.

Dutch university of applied sciences Windesheim Exchange programmes

Exchange programmes

As a student at one of our partner institutes around the world, you can come to Windesheim for one or two semesters on an exchange. The experience will broaden your horizons, introduce you to new ideas and new people… and boost your personal and academic development. We offer a wide range of stimulating and valuable exchange programmes, which are all delivered in English.

Kriszta tells about her experience as an exchange student (2:43)

Curious what the Windesheim Campus looks like? Student Miranda makes a tour