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The lecturers are extremely open-minded and really approachable

Natalia International Business
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In this programme you are truly being prepared to work in an international environment. Besides the theory you also learn about how to implement the theory into practice. We also learn soft skills, pitching skills, how to think critically, how to work in groups and about intercultural awareness. These skills are really valuable for your future career. The programme gives you a lot of opportunities and space to choose what you would like to do, and shape your own study career.

During the programme you work a lot in groups on real life assignments for companies.

The lecturers at Windesheim are extremely open-minded and really approachable. I would describe them to be more our mentors and coaches instead of our teachers. Because the classes are really small (usually 15 students) you can really follow your own, personalized learning pathway.

Our campus has a lot of open spaces where you can work, chill with your friends our eat your lunch. We have two really good canteens and great sports facilities.

Dutch language classes are mandatory for international students. This is really great because it helps me to understand my surrounding and it’s easier to communicate in daily life situations like in the supermarket or in the city. Furthermore it’s easier when you do your internship or a project with a company in the Netherlands.

If I had to choose again, I would definitely go the same way, because the programme is really flexible so I can choose in which direction I would like to have my future career.

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