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Good team work is at the centre of working in projects on global challenges

Lisa Global Project and Change Management
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Lisa did her elective in Rabat, Morocco.

I started at Windesheim Honours College because I wanted to learn how to use the profession of project management to create value for people and communities. Like everyone at Windesheim Honours College, I want to contribute to a just, equal and sustainable world. In our studies we have the freedom to work on topics we are passionate about and learn how to understand and approach them in a global context. One of the most important things I learned is that good team work is at the centre of working in projects on global challenges. Therefore, I value the most that a big part of our programme is about personal development. We get the time and space to reflect on ourselves, our roles in a team and ultimately in society. Getting to yourself and being comfortable with who you are is the first step in being able to help others!

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