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Zwolle feels like a fairytale town

Dureid Global Project and Change Management
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I decided to study this programme because of two reasons: I'm very passionate about human rights and human development, and the second reason is that I really want to work for an NGO or business to create change. 

Global Project and Change Management is not like other programmes. The curriculum is way more integrated, in the sense that we have larger learning units which consist of different courses. These courses really help you in inquiring your business, your professional, your research, and your project management skills. 

The courses that I especially like are leadership and change, and diversity, social justice and inclusion, because these help you open up to new ideas and reflect on your own behaviour.

Zwolle is a very charming city. It feels like a fairytale town and there are a lot of things to do. What I really like about the Netherlands is the biking culture. You can access everything by bike!

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