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The learning environment is one of the most positive I've experienced

Boris Global Project and Change Management
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The reason why I choose Global Project and Change Management is because it's very international, and when I had to choose a programme, I didn’t really know which way to go to. And then I found this programme and saw how diverse it was, and that a lot of topics are covered. 

This programme is mainly about business, research, and project management skills, and there's a huge focus on sustainability. But we also have subjects like rhetoric writing and politics, for example. The course which I liked most was Managing Projects in a Globalized World. During this semester, I was able to go to Romania with my team to work with our clients on a partnership between three schools. 

There are a lot of opportunities to go abroad throughout the programme. I'll do my elective next semester, for example, which means I can choose any university across the world that's a partner of Windesheim. I'll go to South Korea to study there for six months.

To me, the learning environment here is almost one of the most positive I've ever experienced. The people here are extremely helpful and actually really inspiring; they have a lot of great ideas. We work very closely with the lecturers, and a special part of this programme is that the lecturers are from all around the world, so you really get that international aspect in the study.

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