International student for a day

For international students who are not able to visit our regular ‘student for a day’ programme due to travel restrictions, we usually organise a special day once a year. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we cancelled the meeting in January 2021.

We hope to see you in January 2022. During that day you will experience how it is to study at Windesheim, how we work with projects, and what student life in Zwolle is all about. Students from relatively close by (Germany border area, Belgium) are recommended to visit the regular ‘Student for a day’ because we have limited space for this programme.



The programme of ‘International student for a day’ includes:

•Studying at Windesheim: real life project experience. Projects are an important part of  our curriculum. Because many international students are not familiar with projects, you will experience how this works. 
•Meet the lecturers and fellow students, opportunities to ask everything you would like to know.
•Campus and city tour: our current students will show you the campus and our sports facilities, as well as the city of Zwolle
•Joint meal with Windesheim students and overnight in student residences.


We hope to see you in January 2022. The schedule will follow later.


Send an email including your first name, last name, email address, phone number and the programme you are interested in (International Business or Global Project and Change Management) to, also in case you have any questions.  

2 BBA programmes

During the ‘International student for a day’ programme, students of both our international bachelor’s programmes are invited: International Business, and Global Project and Change Management. They work together in one classroom on a project, and jointly do the campus and city tours. The differences between the programmes will be clearly explained during the day.


  • You pay your flight and train tickets
  • We pay the overnight in student houses, food and coffee/tea on Friday