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Student satisfaction at Windesheim highest of all broad-based universities of applied sciences

  • Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Compared to all other broad-based universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands, Windesheim students are the most satisfied with their study programme in general. This can be concluded from the results of the National Student Survey 2023 (NSE 2023), which Studiekeuze123 is to present today. 75% of all Windesheim students are (highly) satisfied with their own study programme. The Keuzegids (Selection Guide) will follow in the autumn. The Keuzegids assessment is based on data including the NSE results.

The average satisfaction rate of all Windesheim students is 3.80 (on a 1 to 5 scale), which is higher than the national average (3.65). Moreover, Windesheim students are slightly more satisfied this year than in previous years (2022: 3.79 and 2021: 3.76).

Besides general satisfaction, Windesheim’s scores in all six core themes of the questionnaire also exceed the national average of universities of applied sciences. And this year Windesheim even has the highest scores in all six core themes compared with other broad-based universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. In particular Windesheim’s Student Counselling (3.96) and Lecturers (3.81) have received excellent ratings.

“We have the most satisfied students! That was true last year and it’s still true today. It’s a great compliment to our lecturers and to all colleagues who work hard for our students every day”, says Executive Board President Inge Grimm. “Together we make sure students feel at home at Windesheim and are given the opportunities they need to develop into valuable professionals. Thanks for working on this together and for continuing to develop ourselves too.”

Student Counselling and ‘feeling at home’

Some ratings given by Windesheim students stand out positively. As in previous years, students highly appreciate Windesheim’s student counselling options and quality. Many Windesheim students agree with the statements in the core theme of commitment and contact. Students feel safe enough to be themselves and they feel at home in their programme. Many students also believe that lecturers are available when students need them.

Committed lecturers

Most students are very positive about their lecturers. They are appreciative of their lecturers’ knowledge of professional practice and subject-matter expertise. Moreover, students feel that lecturers are committed to them and create an atmosphere in which students feel encouraged to ask questions.

Internship experience and equal treatment

Apart from a number of recurrent themes, at Windesheim’s request  ̶  like last year  ̶  questions were also included concerning the themes of General Skills, Practice-based Research, Internships, Challenge and Effort, Equal Treatment and Curriculum Flexibility. Although the ratings for nearly all these themes are (marginally) lower than last year, most students are still positive. This is especially true of the internship experience (4.08): what they have learned and supervision by the internship organization. Also, many students believe that everybody is treated equally at Windesheim (3.94): there is a safe climate in which everybody feels free to give their opinions and personal circumstances are taken into consideration.

Room for improvement

Of all aspects in the survey, students are the least satisfied about internship supervision from their programme (3.48) and curriculum flexibility (3.52). The results will be discussed in the divisions in late June, followed by concrete actions in each programme.

About the National Student Survey

The annual National Student Survey (NSE) is organized by the Studiekeuze123 Foundation and was conducted from 16 January to 12 March 2023.

Over 289,000 students took part in the National Student Survey this year. The results show how satisfied university (of applied sciences) today’s students are about their study programme and educational institution. The survey results are available at in new tab)


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