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Highest student satisfaction in the Netherlands

    Tuesday 31 May 2022
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Windesheim students are more satisfied with their study programme in general than students at any other comprehensive university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. This is evident from the results of the National Student Survey 2022 (NSE 2022), which were published today by Studiekeuze123.

Average satisfaction of all Windesheim students is 3.79 (on a 1-5 scale), while the national average is 3.65. Besides general satisfaction, Windesheim also scores higher than the national average in higher professional education on all six core themes of the questionnaire. Especially on the themes Student Counselling and Lecturers, Windesheim does very well in comparison with the other comprehensive universities of applied sciences.

Compared with last year, Windesheim students are especially more positive about the theme support needs (financial compensation and educational facilities) and about the alignment of their study programme with professional practice.

‘The highest student satisfaction score, that's a big compliment to our lecturers and all our colleagues who are there for our students every day', says Executive Board President Inge Grimm. 'Especially in times of corona. Students have had to miss a great deal and do a lot from home. That makes this result extra special.'

Student counselling and safety

A number of Windesheim students' ratings stand out in a positive way. Students give a high rating for the availability and quality of student counselling at Windesheim. In addition, there is a safe climate, in which everyone feels free to express their opinions and personal circumstances are taken into account. Students feel safe to be themselves at the university and they feel at home with their study programme.

Appreciation for lecturers

Most students are very positive about their lecturers. They believe that their lecturers are experts on content, have knowledge of professional practice and have good teaching skills. In addition, our students feel that their lecturers are committed and easy to approach.

Room for improvement

The lowest student satisfaction scores were reported for internship supervision from the study department and for flexibility of the study programme. However, the average score for flexibility of the study programme rose slightly compared with last year. The results will be discussed within the divisions by the end of June, followed by concrete actions for each programme.

Organization of NSE

The annual National Student Survey (NSE) is organized by the Studychoice123 Foundation. This year, the survey was conducted from 17 January to 13 March 2022. On the NSE website(opens in new tab) you can read more about national trends and figures.


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