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HBO Monitor 2021: Windesheim alumni satisfied with match between education and labour market

    Thursday 14 April 2022
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86% of Windesheim graduates are satisfied with the match between the education they received and their current job. In terms of labour market success: three months after receiving their hbo diploma, more than 92% of Windesheim alumni who graduated in 2021 found a job. This is evident from the HBO Monitor 2021, a national survey of recent graduates which Windesheim participates in annually.

Nationwide 23,238 hbo alumni filled out this alumni questionnaire, including 1,420 former Windesheim students. 78% of Windesheim graduates look back on their studies 18 months after graduation with a satisfied or very satisfied feeling. This is higher than the national average of 69%. According to 80% of alumni, they now have a job at a level that matches their level of education. This is in line with the national picture outlined in the HBO Monitor.

Preparation for the labour market

In general, alumni feel that Windesheim has prepared them well for the labour market. 70% of Windesheim alumni feel that their study programme has given them a solid basis to start on the labour market. Nearly 77% feel that the programme has provided a good basis for further development of their competences. Alumni are least satisfied with preparation for their professional career (57%) and information about career opportunities (48%). Both at Windesheim and nationally, these aspects score relatively low (50% and 42% respectively).

Labour market success

Alumni found a job relatively quickly after graduation. Unemployment among Windesheim alumni was 1.7% at the end of 2021. 69% of alumni anticipate (a great) many career opportunities for themselves in the position they currently hold. This is especially true for alumni from the Engineering and ICT (79%) and Business Media and Law (75%) divisions.

Corona impact

In the questionnaire in the autumn of 2021, alumni were asked a number of corona-related questions in order to gain insight into the impact of the corona crisis on the labour market position, working conditions and well-being of alumni. 

Some 42% were worried about finding suitable work, while nearly 21% said they had actually had trouble with this. The corona crisis seems to have had a limited impact on alumni's job security. Almost three quarters of alumni (72%) stated that this had not changed as a result of the corona measures. However, the corona situation did change the way Windesheim alumni work. Almost 50% experience that their work has not become any easier.


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