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Windesheim runner-up among Dutch universities of applied sciences in Keuzegids 2022

  • Thursday 7 October 2021
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Windesheim remains a solid runner-up in the ranking of 'Best major universities of applied sciences' of the Keuzegids HBO 2022. Thirteen Bachelor's programmes and one Associate degree programme were given the ‘Top Programme’ designation according to the guide. The Keuzegids shows that the atmosphere at our University of Applied Sciences and the quality of our lecturers are particularly appreciated. Executive Board President Henk Hagoort: 'A fantastic compliment to all colleagues. During the COVID period, it wasn’t always easy to stay in touch with students, but our lecturers in Zwolle and Almere did their very best despite the restrictions. Now their efforts are recognized. Our students' great appreciation of our education in general and our lecturers in particular, makes it extra special that we’ve managed to retain these good, stable scores in the Keuzegids.'

A large part of the assessment in the Keuzegids is based on the results of the National Student Survey (NSE), which was conducted among thousands of students in early 2021. Hagoort: 'At Windesheim we strive to make every student feel welcome. In large nubmers our students indicated that they feel safe at Windesheim and that they can be themselves. It’s a great compliment to see our ambition confirmed by our students in this way.'

Top Three Universities of Applied Sciences

The Keuzegids ranks Windesheim as the runner-up in both the full-time programmes ranking and that of Associate degree (Ad) programmes at major universities of applied sciences. Windesheim has a score of 67.5 points in the ranking of 'Best major universities of applied sciences'. Avans leads this list with 70.5 points, with Leiden UAS in third place with 61.5 points. Windesheim programmes score above average in the following fields: education, law and administration, economics and business, behaviour and society, science and information and engineering and design.

Top Programmes

This year, 13 Windesheim Bachelor's programmes and 1 Associate degree have been designated 'Top Programmes'. They have scores of 75 points or higher and are assessed significantly better than the national hbo average, which is 60 points. In Zwolle, the 'Top Programme' designation goes to Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Finance & Control, Global Project and Change Management, Human Resource Management, Teacher Education in Physical Education, Teacher Education in Physics, Teacher Education in Mathematics, Psychomotor Therapy/Psychomotricity, Spatial Development and Industrial Engineering & Management. In Almere, the following programmes were designated as top programmes: Speech and Language Therapy and Spatial Development and the Associate degree Pedagogical Educational Professional. 36 assessed Windesheim programmes were rated (shared ranking) in the top 3 of their own programme group. This is 62% of the Windesheim offerings in the guide.

About the Keuzegids

The Keuzegids is an independent consumer guide that assesses and compares the quality of all study programmes. This assessment is based on student opinions from the National Student Survey 2021 (NSE) and study success figures from the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (VH).


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