Windesheim signs declaration of intent for UN Convention on access to education

16 December 2019

For the past three years Windesheim University of Applied Sciences has consistently been ranked number one among the top universities of applied sciences when it comes to studying with a disability. Today Windesheim Board member Inge Grimm signed a United Nations (UN) letter of intent.

In this way, the University of Applied Sciences underlines the importance of making its education accessible to people with disabilities. Grimm: "We want to give everyone with enough talent the opportunity to complete a higher professional education programme. We believe it is important to maintain inclusive education for the future. That is one of our reasons for signing the convention."

Meeting challenges together

By signing the UN Convention, Windesheim is committing itself to the agreements made within the UN about making (social) facilities accessible to people with disabilities. Grimm: "We still see challenges in the area of accessibility and appropriate counselling for every Windesheim student. We are happy to join the network associated with this convention in order to learn from others, but also to share our own experiences and knowledge".
Windesheim is now also part of the National Working Group on the UN Convention. In this working group representatives of all co-operating educational institutions collaborate and exchange ideas that contribute to the achievement of the formulated objectives within their own institution. The working group is supported by the ECIO (Centre of Expertise for Inclusive Education).

Digital and physical accessibility

Windesheim wants to maximize both the digital and physical accessibility of its university of applied sciences. Students can, for example, use reading software or receive support from a student coach. In addition, students can rely on other students with disabilities within a network. These students also help us to further improve our facilities