Windesheim again runner-up in both Keuzegids HBO and Elsevier Ranking

30 October 2019

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences again ranks second in the Keuzegids HBO and Elsevier’s Weekblad surveys on the quality of higher professional education programmes in the Netherlands. Windesheim’s Associate degree (Ad) programmes come out on top of the Keuzegids HBO 2020 ranking. 

Windesheim now occupies this high position in the Keuzegids HBO ranking for the fifth consecutive year, and in Elsevier’s list for the second year in a row. Henk Hagoort, Windesheim’s Executive Board President, is very pleased with these favourable results. ‘It makes me so proud of all Windesheim lecturers and staff, who’ve worked very hard to make our students feel at home at Windesheim and be the best they can be. Seeing this reflected in such positive assessments by our students and independent experts is a welcome reminder of the reason why we’re doing it all.'

It is the first year that the Keuzegids assesses the practice-oriented Ad programmes separately. Executive Board President Henk Hagoort: "Many people in our area want to do a practice-oriented study programme after their secondary vocational education (MBO) or in addition to their work. For them, a two-year Associate degree is a great way to take the next step and obtain a higher professional education (HBO) degree, without having to spend four years at school".

Thirteen top programmes

Windesheim scores 66 points in the Keuzegids. Thirteen programmes were awarded the ‘top programme’ accolade. This means that the Keuzegids awarded them 76 points or more. In Zwolle this concerns the following programmes: Teacher Education in Chemistry, in Physical Education and in Physics, Psychomotor Therapy/Psychomotricity, Finance & Control, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Top programmes in Almere are Business Administration, Marketing Management, HBO-ICT and Spatial Development - Mobility. The Ad programme of Software Development was also awarded a quality seal.

Number One

In comparison with similar programmes at other Dutch universities of applied sciences, fourteen of Windesheim's programmes head the ranking in their category. In Zwolle, these are Teacher Education in Chemistry and in Physical Education, Psychomotor Therapy/Psychomotricity, Educational Management Childcare, Applied Gerontology, Logistics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. There are shared first places for Architecture and Construction Engineering, Finance & Control and Logistics Management. In Almere, the programmes of Marketing Management, HBO-ICT, Engineering and Spatial Development - Mobility top the ranking in their category.

About Keuzegids HBO and Elsevier’s ‘Best Degree Programmes’

Keuzegids is an independent consumer guide that assesses and compares the quality of all degree programmes. The assessment of Keuzegids is based on a combination of student assessments, programme statistics and assessments from inspection and accreditation reports. Visit for more information. Elsevier composes annual rankings of best degree programmes at both academic and professional universities.