Windesheim is a vibrant place to learn. All over the campus, there are areas for private study and for working together in groups.

Whatever your specialist field, you'll find the ICT equipment and facilities you need to realize your potential.


What facilities do we have? 

•  Media Centre  •  Intranet packed with news and information  •  Electronic Learning Environment  •  Educator: digital education •  catalogue  •  Computer rooms  •  Digital language laboratories  •  Audiovisual Centre for borrowing laptops, AV equipment, ec. •  Multimedia workshops •  Copy shop •  Windesheim shop for office supplies and a small supermarket •  Bike repair shop • 
Student counselling •

Prevent a delay in your study

In line with Dutch laws on equality of opportunity, we work hard to help you attend classes. We want to help you avoid being held up in your studies. Our aim is to make sure that, wherever possible, students with special needs have as much chance to complete their education as other students. You can make it easier for us to provide appropriate support by telling our International Office about your needs well in advance.

Curious about the Campus?Miranda shows you around


As a Windesheim student, you can get discounts on all sorts of goods and services, including driving lessons from our on-campus driving school. It's convenient and a money-saver!

Recreational Facilities

Windesheim offers excellent recreational facilities. There is a sports building with gyms, fitness rooms, a heated swimming pool, indoor football halls and a climbing wall.

You're always more than welcome in our restaurants and cafes. We don't provide free meals, but for a modest charge you can use the canteens in buildings C and X. In addition, there are several supermarkets in Zwolle. There's also a café called Het Vliegende Paard, where you can eat and drink at student prices!

Media Centre

Windesheim's modern Media Centre has an array of digital databanks.

You can use and borrow not only books, but also DVDs, magazines and national newspapers. And, if you'd like to do some graphical, video or audio editing, we have a suite of multimedia workstations. The Centre also has secondary and tertiary course materials, theses, manuals and reference materials. 

Whenever you have questions

Central Student Administration Service
If you have any questions about enrolment, unenrolment or tuition fees, or if your contact details change, please call the Central Student Administration Service.

Windesheim Information Centre
If ever there's something you want to know about a programme, but you aren't sure who to ask, send an email to the Windesheim Information Centre. The staff there are always happy to help.

Sports facilities on the Windesheim Campus

The background of our X-building