Here you can find our frequently asked questions about COVID-19.

Q: My final exams have been postponed due to the Corona Crisis, this means I will receive my diploma later. Will this be a problem?
A:  That is not a problem in case you are un EU/EEA student. A conditional study placement will be offered until you are able to submit your final diploma. You have to send your diploma ultimately by 25 September 2020. For non EU/EEA students who need a visa there can be a problem: we need all documents (including diploma and language proficiency test) ultimately 30 June. If this is not possible, we recommend to postpone your application till next year.

Q: Unfortunately my IELTS test has been postponed to mid-May, can I still submit my application first and then my IETLS results at a later date?
A: That is not a problem. A conditional study placement will be offered pending any certificates that still need to be handed in (International Business). For Global Project and Change Management you also have to pass the selection interview before you will receive the conditional study placement. Non-EU students have to submit their test results ultimately 30 June. EU students ultimately 25 September.

Q: I cannot visit any test centre to complete my English language test. Are there any other options?
A: We also accept the TOEFL iBT Home Edition. So there is the option to do an online test. Please note that not everyone needs a language proficiency test. A student who has passed one of the secondary education exams on this list, which includes English as a part of the curriculum, can be exempted from the extra mandatory English language proficiency.

Q: As my country has shut its borders since the outbreak of COVID-19, will I still be able to apply for a study visa?
A:  From our side, we do our utmost best to help you. Please contact our International Office for more information regarding study visas. You can contact them via internationaloffice@windesheim.nl

Q: Which measures are taken by Windesheim to prevent the spread of the virus?
A: All educational activities on campus have been cancelled from 13 March onwards, up to and including at least 5 June, and most of the buildings are closed. Staff works from home as much as possible. The classes have been replaced by online classes and remoted education. Thanks to the online meeting/teaching facilities, we are able continue the studies as much as possible. We also offer, as much as possible, options for online testing, to prevent unnecessary delays for students.

Q: What about the Open Day and Student for a Day activities?
A: These activities are all cancelled. Instead, we organized the following:
a. Online Open Days from 20-23 April. Click here to view the videos we made.
b. In particular for International Students for whom it can be a huge step to study abroad, we offer the option for appointments via Skype, Microsoft Teams or by phone. Click here to contact us.
c. Chat with our students. Our current students ‘International Business’ and ‘Global Project and Change Management’ are willing to help you to make the right decision. They can tell you everything about their programme about their experiences.

Q: Will the application deadlines be changed?
A: First of all: you can already apply while you are still completing your diploma. Moreover, we recommend to apply as soon as you know you want to study with us.
The deadline to submit your complete application for ‘Global Project and Change Management’ is set for 1 June. As it is a selective programme, the Skype interviews are organized up to 1 July.
The deadline for ‘International Business’ is still 1 June for non-EU/EEA students. For these students it is important to apply in time, as visa applications could take longer than usual. EU/EAA students have the option to apply until 31 August, although preferably by the original deadline of 15 June. Especially if you need a student room in Zwolle, it is advisable to apply as early as possible.

Q: I want to apply for Global Project and Change Management and I will not be able to meet the Mathematics havo level and/or English B2 proficiency requirements as all test centres are closed, does this mean I cannot apply?
A: Students who do not meet the Maths and English proficiency requirements and pass the selection interview, could be offered a conditional study placement with a deficient status. This means that the summer Maths course will be made mandatory and in the first weeks of the semester, the level for both Maths and/or English will be discussed to see how the student can get their proficiency. To attain the level(s) in the first semester will then be made mandatory.

Q: How does education look like after 1 September?
A: The Dutch government has not yet said anything about the period after 1 September. In the meantime, we are busy preparing our education as it will be from 1 September 2020. We will observe the RIVM (Dutch National Health Agency) guidelines, like keeping a 1.5-metre distance. Within these guidelines we aim for a good mix of (online) education and activities where you meet your lecturers and other students. 
In the coming weeks we will work out a plan on how to make the best possible use of the available space, in smaller groups spread over longer days. In addition, we are discussing travel times with the public transport sector in order to establish good and safe travel connections to the university. A great deal will be possible if we ensure a good spread and reserve the available space for education and for contact with and among students. We look forward to having all students back at Windesheim.

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