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International Carousel Week

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Want to go international?

Work together on an assignment with students from Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia and the Netherlands during International Carousel Week! By working in small groups, you will truly experience the intercultural aspect of collaboration. You will learn by doing, experiencing where there are differences and similarities in European cultures. The topic you will work on differs per university, so you decide where you want to go. The week consists of an online (11 and 14 March 2024) and a physical part at the university of your choice (18 - 22 March 2024).

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Online: Monday 11 and Thursday 14 March 2024 (15.30 - 17.30 CET)
On location: Monday 18 to Friday 22 March 2024


At the location of your choice. See below which programme is offered by which university.


You are able to register from 1 November till 30 November 2023.

Programme per university

Here are the themes and programmes provided by the universities from Monday 18 to Friday 22 March. Which topics interest you?


The International Carousel is an Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Program (BIP). The great thing about this, is that you receive a grant for travel and accommodation expenses of at least €350,-. If you opt for a sustainable mode of transportation (for example, travelling by train the entire journey), you will receive at least €50,- extra. Students with fewer opportunities are also entitled to a top-up of €100,- (conditions vary per university). Please consult your university International Carousel Week representative for more information.