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Use of Cookies

We use cookies to do tasks like retaining the language selected and distributing incoming visitors over our servers. This information is stored only while the session is in progress. Besides, we use cookies to view statistics, so we can analyse the surfing behaviour of our visitors to, and This information is stored no more than twice a year. Our website contains third-party buttons from e.g. Facebook and Twitter. Clicking on such a button results in a cookie from that third party being installed. Unfortunately, we have no control over that. Facebook’s and Twitter’s respective privacy statements tell you what they do with the (personal) data they process through these cookies.

Deactivating and removing cookies

You can use your browser to deactivate the cookies we use. What you can also do is change your browser settings so that cookies are no longer accepted, or set your browser to generate a message when receiving a cookie. Cookie settings are different in each browser. Usually you will find them by clicking a term like ‘Options’, ‘Internet options’ or ‘Help’.

This page was last updated on 20th of October 2016.