Mission and Vision

Windesheim is a broad-based institute for higher education.

It is a community organization, within which people acquire, share and utilize expertise together.


Windesheim is an innovative knowledge centre that challenges individuals within organizations to develop into valuable, principled and confident professionals who have:

•Socially relevant knowledge and competences
•Professional and social ambition
•The ability to achieve personal growth in pursuit of their goals
•The ability to contribute to the development, improvement and modernization of companies, social institutions and governments

Windesheim has a clear identity, which shapes the university’s approach and policies. Windesheim’s identity has its origins in Christianity and Christian culture and in the philosophical convictions and inspirations that stem from that faith and culture.

Windesheim is for everyone who:

•Wants to prepare themselves for a profession
•Wants to develop professional competences individually or in teams
•Wants to grow and develop 


Windesheim is a broad-based, innovative knowledge centre, which seeks to create lasting value for students, staff, practising professionals and wider society. By doing so, the university aims to play a significant role in the region, in the Netherlands and in the international community.

Students develop into responsible, valuable and principled professionals. Professionals whose actions are guided by a vision of good citizenship in which personal, institutional and governmental values play an important role. Windesheim continuously strives for improvement. For all the university's staff, professionalism is the basis of quality. Quality is not achieved by chance; it is the outcome of process control and harmony with the world around us. Education, research and entrepreneurship are fully integrated, each field of endeavour driving quality and innovation in the others. And that benefits our students, our partner organizations and the national and international communities.

We believe in the power of diversity. The ability to accommodate differences in background, education, values, culture and belief enhances the quality of professionalism. On our study programmes and within the wider organization, the acceptance of responsibility and result-focused working are strongly encouraged.